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Banana bread

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Project of the day: waste not, want not

You know when you take too long to eat bananas? And they get all brown and soft? I like my bananas just past green, but even if you like them more on the brown side, for most people there’s a point of too far gone. When that happens, don’t throw them out! Make banana bread!

You have the power to transform mushy unwanted produce into moist, delicious bread that will attract every nose in your building to your kitchen, where their attached faces will wait and stare at you imploringly until they receive a fresh warm slice. And it makes an awesome grab&go breakfast!

The other cool thing with banana bread is that mashed bananas are often used as a substitute for butter or eggs in vegan cooking. SO all you really need to make this is flour, sugar, baking soda, and bananas! If you have an egg it will help it be less crumbly, and the oil helps keep it moist, ┬ábut if you don’t have any, just add some more banana! The spices and extracts just add a little extra flavor. Use what you have, and if you have none, it will still taste like bananas, so you’re good! Assuming, of course, that you like bananas. (If you don’t, what are they doing in your house anyway?)

If you’re lucky enough to have a freezer and don’t quite have the time to bake, throw your past-ripe bananas in the freezer until you do. They’ll keep for a long while and be even mushier when you thaw them out.

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