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Thank you cookies

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Project of the day: delicious tokens of appreciation

Well hello again! It’s been some time because I’ve been busy applying to, getting into, visiting, deciding on, and settling things with graduate school. It was quite a process, and many people helped me out in tons of ways–rides to the bus station, letters of recommendation, listening to me agonize over pros and cons… And so I had a lot of people to thank. As I said to one friend after she dropped me off at the bus station yet again, “I owe you such a cookie!”

And so I made her, and the rest of my kind friends and advisers, such cookies! And they turned out so well I thought I’d share : ) Read the rest of this entry


Caramel pudding round 2

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Project of the day: second chances

Remember carmel pudding round one? Well, we made do. But this time, we got it right!

Silky, smooth, just carmely enough… A perfect comeback! So delicious, I had trouble making it last until ninja could have a taste : )

The best part about this is that if you make regular use of a kitchen, you probably have everything on hand already, so you can easily make it whenever you feel like it! I’ve added cornstarch to my basic pantry necessities (like baking powder and sugar) for exactly this purpose. The worst part about this is it takes a while to chill. However (while it tastes delicious warm and soupy) it is worth the wait!

Carmel Pudding (from Smitten Kitchen) Read the rest of this entry

And we shall call them squishies, and they shall be ours, and they shall be our squishies!

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Project of the day: succumbing to chocolate cravings

There comes a time when chocolate must be had for dinner. This time was now.

And these did not disappoint! Imagine the fudgiest brownies ever, but fluffy as a cake with a pudding-like center. And thus we dubbed it chocolate squishy.

Think of it this way: you can eat your hershey bar straight out of that care package, or turn it into warm chocolate squishy goodness. Your choice : ) Read the rest of this entry

Pop-Pop Cheesecake

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Project of the day: Birthday Dessert

Today is brother #4’s 10th birthday and his namesake Pop-Pop’s 68th birthday.

In my family, no excuse for cake escapes cakeless.

Daddy is the official birthday-cake-baker in our house, so he made brother #4 a nice yellow cake with chocolate frosting. But Pop-Pop is on the Atkins and carb-less cakes are not in Daddy’s repertoire.

We used to always just make him sugar free jello, but when everyone else is eating homemade cake, cannoli, cookies, brownies, or pie, I feel bad for Pop-Pop and his jello. So I started experimenting. Making Pop-Pop friendly desserts is always a challenge, because nothing bakes like sugar. I’ve had some pretty interesting results, including a cake that separated and boiled in the oven. A recent success is my Pop-Pop cheesecake. Read the rest of this entry

Cookie Efficiency

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Project of the day: Care package

Brother #7 enjoying a Samoa bar

Sister #2 is off at summer camp (wait, who?). A pretty awesome summer camp, I might add. She’s learning riflery, pottery, archery, mountain biking, tennis, and having a generally sweet time.

All this understandably gets a girl hungry, and I am not one to refuse a request for snacks! So, at mama’s suggestion, we baked cookies. Although, I should mention, the ‘we’ rather quickly became mostly ‘I.’ Mama was very concerned about getting the package to the post office by 5 pm, and the boys were happily playing together, so I baked and sister #6 helped measure.

Cookies are a simple operation. The trick is in the timing, especially with multiple recipes.

Read the rest of this entry