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My Family

I’m the oldest (22).

Then it goes:
sister#2 (18)
brother #3 (15)
brother #4 (11)
brother #5 (9)
sister #6 (6)
brother #7 (4)

Everyone besides me lives with Mama and Daddy in our teeny three bedroom house just outside DC. Poppop (Mama’s dad) lives around the block and Grandmother (Daddy’s mom) lives the next town over. Five of my uncles on Daddy’s side live nearby as well.

I go to college in upstate New York. This year I moved from a dorm to a school owned apartment, affectionately called the Pirate House because of the flag hanging from the balcony. I live with three boys: an engineer with a surprisingly delicate hand for cake decoration, a poet with midnight baking tendencies, and a celt who divides the wine equally between his belly and his jambalaya. We take turns cooking in our quaint kitchen, big enough for a small table and furnished with our collective odds and ends.

Oh, and the ninja is my boyfriend. Thats not an alias, it’s just what we call him.

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