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Project of the day: Nice group meal

You know when you need to make a meal for people, and you want it to be fancy and delicious but without spending too much? Got you covered 🙂

Meatballs! I put them on rolls to make subs to much approval, but you can put them on top of spaghetti or skip the sauce and add them to soup… However you serve them, meat balls are delicious! And when everyone finds out you made them yourself, they will be incredibly impressed!

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Spicy peanut sauce: 15 minutes to dinner

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Project of the day: Dinner in 15 minutes

To cut to the chase, we were hungry. And a perhaps a bit tired of having scrambled eggs and bagels for many recent dinners.

This is an awesome quick easy dinner, and a great alternative to tomato sauce for your pasta. And who doesn’t have a jar of peanut butter lying around?

As always, feel free to substitute stuff you don’t have for stuff you do. This is the recipe I came up with (and loved!), but by all means experiment! Read the rest of this entry