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Easy-Cheesy Lunch

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Happy new year!

I’ve been adjusting to graduate school and not posting much because, well, mostly everything I eat is boring. I cook quick easy ordinary things for myself. But in a recent conversation I realized that quick easy things to cook for yourself are pretty handy, and recipes us fresh out of college folk don’t necessarily have mastered yet.

So! Let’s start with my favorite thing to bring for lunch recently: warm, tasty, healthy, and easy to pull together
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Baked eggs

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Project of the day: newfangled comfort food

Its been a really mild winter this year! Which makes those occasional cold and/or wet days feel a little more dreary.

Those days you come home, curl up with a blanket and a cup of tea, and crave something warm and creamy for dinner. Macaroni and cheese, soup, mashed potatoes, pot pie… Everyone has their favorite. But if you’re in the mood for something new, or maybe something simpler, or really just something delicious, you have got to try baked eggs. Read the rest of this entry


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Project of the day: Nice group meal

You know when you need to make a meal for people, and you want it to be fancy and delicious but without spending too much? Got you covered 🙂

Meatballs! I put them on rolls to make subs to much approval, but you can put them on top of spaghetti or skip the sauce and add them to soup… However you serve them, meat balls are delicious! And when everyone finds out you made them yourself, they will be incredibly impressed!

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Bean Burritos

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Project of the day: Dinner when your hands are tied

I know that’s just a saying, but really, I was bored so I made dinner with one hand tied up. Or, more accurately, I tied my left hand to Ninja’s right and we used the other two to make dinner together. It was fun! you should try it sometime.

Know what else you should try? Daddy’s famous bean burritos. Fast, healthy, satisfying, inexpensive, tasty, and easy enough to make with one hand. Seriously : ) Read the rest of this entry

Homemade tortillas

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Project of the day: Homemade tortillas.

Piqued your interest yet? If fresh warm bread doesn’t get you, how about a cheap, easy way to get tortillas without going to the store? Using stuff you already have if you bake at all? In 40 minutes from flour to skillet? Seriously, make these! They’re awesome!

And they make a fantastic quesadilla. Read the rest of this entry

Basics: soft boiled eggs

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Project of the day: lunch for one

Everyone should have an easy, economical, go-to meal for when you’ve only got yourself to feed.
Soft boiled eggs are mine.

It started on a term abroad in Ireland, mostly because you could get 30 for 2 euro from this little fruit&veg stand near my apartment, but also because I could easily have a warm, tasty, healthy meal in the time it took to make a cup of tea. Not to mention it showcased Irish ingredients beautifully: local eggs, bread lacking preservatives, and their SO-much-more-flavorful-than-american butter (it is worth going to Ireland just to try the milk!).

But I digress. Soft boiling an egg (or as many as you’re hungry for) is a simple technique well worth knowing, so here is my method.

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