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Eggnog, all grown up

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Project of the day: Tree decorating!

I adore family traditions! One that goes way back is drinking eggnog while we decorate the tree. The grocery store jug of yellow stuff became a delicacy when dusted with nutmeg in a fancy wine glass, enjoyed in the sparkly twilight of rainbow lights and shiny ornaments.

It wasn’t until much later that I learned that my favorite holiday treat was often marred with alcohol, and my Grammy’s special eggnog had more than the cool bowl and whipped cream going for it. I accepted without question that we should save the fancy stuff for the guests at her New Year’s party, especially because she always saved a normal carton in the downstairs fridge for me : )

But the taste of rum no longer offends my now 21 year old palate, and so this year I thought I’d start a new tradition and make my own, from scratch. Read the rest of this entry


Not-Bailey’s (and Milkshakes!)

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Project of the day: Home-made Irish Cream

I went out to dinner with the Ninja and his sister, and well, long story short, we decided very spur-of-the-moment to make Irish Cream.

Yeah, that’s just what happens.

Ninja actually stumbled on the recipe a while ago and sent it my way. Its been on my list of things to try ever since.

chocolate syrup :) Read the rest of this entry