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Thank you cookies

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Project of the day: delicious tokens of appreciation

Well hello again! It’s been some time because I’ve been busy applying to, getting into, visiting, deciding on, and settling things with graduate school. It was quite a process, and many people helped me out in tons of ways–rides to the bus station, letters of recommendation, listening to me agonize over pros and cons… And so I had a lot of people to thank. As I said to one friend after she dropped me off at the bus station yet again, “I owe you such a cookie!”

And so I made her, and the rest of my kind friends and advisers, such cookies! And they turned out so well I thought I’d share : ) Read the rest of this entry


Forging new traditions: Saltine brittle

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Project of the day: Simple dessert

Trado, tradere, tradidi, traditum. Our derivative from the latin for ‘to hand down’ is one of the most frequently used words this time of year. Everyone has their favorite traditions: gift giving, decorating, candle lighting, that special holiday dish, gathering, service, or sweater.

But sometimes that old sweater gets torn, or people move away, and the old tradition just doesn’t work. Its hard to adjust to our new conditions, sad to let go of the old traditions.

The traditional christmas eve of my childhood was to gather at my mother’s parents house with her brother’s family for a big dinner and gift giving. We would have tons of delicious food, some of Grammy’s specialties like pearl onions or waldorf salad, and sparkling cider or orange juice with seltzer in it. After dinner we’d lie in front of their fireplace as Grammy read The Night Before Christmas aloud. After we worked through our presents, always organized in piles according to recipient, we’d turn to the impressive spread of dessert. There was usually rumpie, sometimes trifle, and other varying treats, but always tea served with lots of milk and sugar in teeny little teacups.

But Grammy died last september, my uncle moved to Kansas this summer, and Poppop’s getting older. Since it’s just Poppop and my family, we had him over to our house for christmas eve this year. With such a smaller gathering, it seemed silly to have as large a meal. So for dessert after our dinner of salad, carrots, rolls, and a roast, I wanted somthing light and simple. Read the rest of this entry

Caramel pudding round 2

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Project of the day: second chances

Remember carmel pudding round one? Well, we made do. But this time, we got it right!

Silky, smooth, just carmely enough… A perfect comeback! So delicious, I had trouble making it last until ninja could have a taste : )

The best part about this is that if you make regular use of a kitchen, you probably have everything on hand already, so you can easily make it whenever you feel like it! I’ve added cornstarch to my basic pantry necessities (like baking powder and sugar) for exactly this purpose. The worst part about this is it takes a while to chill. However (while it tastes delicious warm and soupy) it is worth the wait!

Carmel Pudding (from Smitten Kitchen) Read the rest of this entry

And we shall call them squishies, and they shall be ours, and they shall be our squishies!

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Project of the day: succumbing to chocolate cravings

There comes a time when chocolate must be had for dinner. This time was now.

And these did not disappoint! Imagine the fudgiest brownies ever, but fluffy as a cake with a pudding-like center. And thus we dubbed it chocolate squishy.

Think of it this way: you can eat your hershey bar straight out of that care package, or turn it into warm chocolate squishy goodness. Your choice : ) Read the rest of this entry

caramel (frozen) pudding

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Project of the day: making the most of sticky situations

On nothing more than a whim, I decided to make carmel pudding at about quarter of ten last night.

I almost always cook with my computer open next to me, simply because that’s where my recipes are. Caramel takes a longish time to make, but you can’t walk away from it, which makes for a relatively boring time of watching sugar boil. As the ninja was playing video games in the other room and my computer was next to me, I naturally turned to it for entertainment.

Isn’t it odd how random insignificant choices can suddenly change everything? Read the rest of this entry

Dutch baby pancake

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Project of the day: Redemption

When I first made this custardy, moist, just-sweet-enough, giant puffy pancake, I burned it to a crisp.

Everything I baked in Ireland burned. No matter how carefully I converted Fahrenheit to Celsius or adjusted for the convection oven, it just burned. Usually before the middle was even done.

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. That was me and this oven. I kept trying, but things just came out black. I assumed this was a case of stupid american. I later learned that the temperature dial was broken and everything was baking at greater than 250°C. Moral of the story: trust your own ability and call facilities before the heating coil burns itself out!

But before I had learned this valuable lesson, a friend of mine came for a visit. And, of course, I tried to bake for him. So many delicious concoctions did i burn for him, all of which he somehow enjoyed despite their crispy exterior. One was this Dutch baby pancake.

Read the rest of this entry

Muffins and patriotism

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Project of the day: Happy Declaration signing!

I love muffins. My father makes the beast blueberry muffins ever, and he would always make them for my birthday. I got to college and lasted about a week before I asked him for the recipe started making them myself. Turned out to be a good way to make friends : )

This recipe is the Hannah version. I’ve doubled it from the original because I never make a single batch and added more berries, cuz they’re my favorite part. I also never fill the muffin wells 2/3 of the way as recommended, I fill them up and let them ballon over into beautifully sloppy domes. Of course I never make them quite as good as Daddy, but hey, blueberry muffins are always delicious! Read the rest of this entry