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I’m Hannah.

I’m a Biology major who loves to cook, from a big family in Maryland.

We have a teeny galley kitchen, usually with a handful of snacking kids, so moving to school in New York wasn’t a huge change on the cooking front as far as space goes. Whether it’s mixing batter in the common room, dropping eggs on the carpet at three in the morning, or finding creative substitutes for everything from oven-mitts to cheese graters, cooking in college is always an adventure.

This blog is me sharing my cooking adventures: my experiments, my favorite recipes, others I’ve tweaked to work with what I have, my tips on cooking with limited resources, and refreshers on the basics I wish I’d had when I started cooking on my own and couldn’t just yell ‘Hey Dad, what temperature should the oven be again?’ across the house. I hope you find something helpful or tasty or fun, and I wish you the best of luck in your own cooking adventures!

The name comes from my favorite America song to make bread to.

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