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Speedy rice tips

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So you need rice Now?

I’m not a magician, it will still take 20 minutes. but here are my rice asap tips:

only make as much as you need. rice cooks faster the less there is, so now is not the time to be making some for tomorrow.

use a wider pan. as big as the burner. get heat everywhere faster.

preheat the water. an electric kettle is perfect for this. if you need more water than can fit in the kettle, put the difference in the pot and start heating that. water boils twice as fast in an electric kettle, and the smaller volume in the pot will boil faster than the full volume would have. once the water in the kettle has boiled, pour it into the pot with the rice and put it on the heat immediately. if you don’t have a kettle, try using the microwave to the same end.

That’s all I got! Best of luck to you 🙂

keep the lid on. water boils faster that way. (why? vapor pressure)

add salt. if you don’t want salt on your rice don’t worry about it, because the amount you’re adding here won’t make a huge difference, but salted water boils hotter than normal water, so that will speed things up a touch.


Any thoughts?

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