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How to make rice

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So, you’ve graduated. You’re off in the big wide world now, a confident, competent adult. And then you find yourself asking, “Wait… how do you make rice again?”

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! And there is yet hope! Just for you, a back to basics look at how to make white rice.

in a hurry? check out my shortcuts 🙂

How to make white rice

note: brown is pretty similar. the difference is you leave the heat on the whole time, cook for longer, and use a different water:rice ratio. the ratio and length vary between types and brands but can be found on the packaging.

note: I find rice cooks very differently between gas and electric stoves, because electric burners take far longer to cool off. I’ve noted the differences below.

Dry Rice (1/3 cup per person)
Water (2/3 cup per person)
salt (optional- 1/4 teaspoon per person or to taste)
butter or oil (optional- 1/2 teaspoon per person or to taste)

Use a 2:1 water:rice ratio, the nice thing is it doesn’t matter what you measure with, just use twice as much water (one coffee mug of rice, two coffee mugs of water, etc).

-Put desired amounts of rice, water, salt, and butter or oil (following the proportions above) into a sauce pot or deep frying pan (not cast iron).
-Cover and put over high heat until water is boiling.
-Cover again and turn heat to low on a gas stove, or off on an electric stove.
-let sit for 15-30 minutes (this depends on how much rice you’re cooking) until there is no more water and the rice is tender.
-Scrape a fork across the surface to ‘fluff’ the rice, and serve.

See? that wasn’t so bad 🙂


Any thoughts?

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