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Eggnog, all grown up

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Project of the day: Tree decorating!

I adore family traditions! One that goes way back is drinking eggnog while we decorate the tree. The grocery store jug of yellow stuff became a delicacy when dusted with nutmeg in a fancy wine glass, enjoyed in the sparkly twilight of rainbow lights and shiny ornaments.

It wasn’t until much later that I learned that my favorite holiday treat was often marred with alcohol, and my Grammy’s special eggnog had more than the cool bowl and whipped cream going for it. I accepted without question that we should save the fancy stuff for the guests at her New Year’s party, especially because she always saved a normal carton in the downstairs fridge for me : )

But the taste of rum no longer offends my now 21 year old palate, and so this year I thought I’d start a new tradition and make my own, from scratch. In the absence of a traditional family recipe (Grammy just spiked the store bought stuff), I turned to the internet. Handily enough, I found this video along with a recipe, assuaging any fears of using raw eggs with scientific evidence of safety.

This is best when aged . You could drink it right away, but as Daddy said when he tried it “You might want to serve this is a shot glass!” So its a little late for Christmas, but if you make it today it will be a nice New Year’s toast, and smooth and mellow by the epiphany.

Merry Christmas!

Eggnog (with a kick)

Note: This makes a little more than a gallon. If you are not a big eggnog person/not having company, feel free to halve it. 

1 dozen eggs (as fresh as you can find them)
1 quart heavy cream
1 quart light cream
2 1/2 cup sugar
2-3 tablespoons nutmeg
1 quart rum*
1 pint brandy*
*Basically, get six cups of booze together. Some combination of rum, brandy, whiskey, or bourbon is traditional. I used the full 750ml of Kracken rum (my favorite) and made up the rest of the six cups with brandy.

Beat the eggs until they’re uniform (no blips of white). SLOWLY pour the alcohol in, whisking briskly. Stir in the sugar and nutmeg.

Beat the heavy cream to stiff peaks. Fold in the egg mixture. Stir in the light cream.

Taste and adjust the sugar and nutmeg to taste if needed.

Pour into clean glass bottles or a clean milk gallon jug. Leave in the refrigerator with the lids slightly ajar overnight. Let age for 2-6 weeks for optimal taste. Shake before serving.


Any thoughts?

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