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caramel (frozen) pudding

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Project of the day: making the most of sticky situations

On nothing more than a whim, I decided to make carmel pudding at about quarter of ten last night.

I almost always cook with my computer open next to me, simply because that’s where my recipes are. Caramel takes a longish time to make, but you can’t walk away from it, which makes for a relatively boring time of watching sugar boil. As the ninja was playing video games in the other room and my computer was next to me, I naturally turned to it for entertainment.

Isn’t it odd how random insignificant choices can suddenly change everything? I was one of a handful of friends actively online when one of our group asked for help after attempting suicide. When he told us he was alone, my immediate instinct was to call him, but what could I say? Please don’t die, I’ll bring you pudding? I was definitely not the person for this job, but I knew who was. I yelled for ninja, babbled to him what was happening, and gave him the phone number. Meanwhile, the guy who lived closest started driving to be with him, and another called 911. This all happened within about the longest five minutes of my life. The others and I continued to offer support to each other and him as much as we could through face book chat.

Ninja was amazing. I don’t know how he knew what to say, but he did, and calmed the kid down until emergency services arrived. It was truly admirable.

The kid will be ok, which is all that really matters.

Once he was being taken care of beyond our help, I returned to the stove. The carmel pudding was annoyed at my neglect and came out gritty and slightly burnt. But we tried to make the best of it and put it in the freezer.
Tada! Carmel ice-cream! Kinda : ) The frozen consistency makes the grit less noticeable. But I’ll still try again.

Lesson of the night: Don’t give up. You can find a way to fix what you have, and there’s always a second chance.

Recipe: Caramel pudding from smitten kitchen.
Give it a try! Its way easier than you’re thinking, I promise.


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