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Basics: soft boiled eggs

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Project of the day: lunch for one

Everyone should have an easy, economical, go-to meal for when you’ve only got yourself to feed.
Soft boiled eggs are mine.

It started on a term abroad in Ireland, mostly because you could get 30 for 2 euro from this little fruit&veg stand near my apartment, but also because I could easily have a warm, tasty, healthy meal in the time it took to make a cup of tea. Not to mention it showcased Irish ingredients beautifully: local eggs, bread lacking preservatives, and their SO-much-more-flavorful-than-american butter (it is worth going to Ireland just to try the milk!).

But I digress. Soft boiling an egg (or as many as you’re hungry for) is a simple technique well worth knowing, so here is my method.

Soft Boiled Eggs

Put a small pot of water over medium high heat to a gentle boil. (If you have an electric kettle, I’ve found it’s quicker to boil water in that then transfer it to the pot).

Lower the egg(s) into the boiling water with a spoon. Note: try to notice which end (the fat one or the pointy one) is facing up in the carton. This will be important later.

Let the water comes back to a boil, then cook the egg for 3 (very runny) to 6 (not very runny) minutes, depending on your preference.

While the eggs cook is a good time to start the toast. If you like dipping your toast in the egg yolk, its nice to cut them in little strips (they call them ‘soldiers’ across the ocean).

If you don’t have an egg cup, cut a little circle out of a roughly 1.5×1.5 inch corner of toast.

When the 3 (or 4 or 5 or 6) minutes are up, fish the egg(s) out of the pot and dry on a towel. Let it cool until you can handle it then place in egg cup. Important: If you can remember which end was up in the carton, put that end up in the egg cup. It’s not crucial, just makes your life easier.

Slice off the top with a knife, or gently bash the top with your spoon and pry it off with your fingers.

Dunk your toast into the yolky goodness

or use your spoon.

Continue until the shell is clean : )


Any thoughts?

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